Grace United Church, Weyburn


Baptism is the rite in the Christian church that symbolized the belonging of people in the community of faith. In the church’s tradition we attempt to demonstrate God’s grace and at the same time seek to maintain the integrity and significance of the sacrament.
It is conducted as part of public worship with the congregation welcoming the child in its beginning faith journey of church membership. In the case of children, where the parent(s) is not a participant or confirmed member of the church, a member sponsor is available to support and encourage the parent(s) in developing a relationship with the church. A member sponsor may be a grandparent, a close friend or a family member
For people who live in another place, we would be able to provide baptism on behalf of your home congregation and would ask that prayers or some other recognition of this celebration take place in your home church.
We are hopeful that this information will enable you to be informed about the meaningfulness of baptism and be supportive in your decision to have your child baptized.


baptism-form (pdf)