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Wedding Service Guidelines 

Each Christian wedding is regarded as a unique experience which celebrates the love between two people that brings them to make a lasting commitment in covenant with each other and in relationship with Jesus Christ. You come before God and those assembled, you promise to love, cherish, and honor each other as long as you both shall live. This is a serious contract which we trust the marriage partners take with understanding and commitment. For this reason, we require couples who wish to be married in Grace United Church to participate in a marriage preparation session.

Our talented pianist/organist; Colleen Weimer, will provide music for your wedding. If Colleen is unavailable, she will make other arrangements for you. Please contact Colleen as soon as possible at 306-842-4218 or email her at


Legal Requirements

The couple must obtain a Saskatchewan marriage license. (approx. $50.00.) The marriage licence becomes effective the day after the day you purchase it. The marriage licence is valid for a period of three (3) months or ninety (90) days. If either of the people wishing to be married are divorced, you need to present to the licence issuer with documents which reveal “dissolution of marriage.” You may also present a birth certificate to the licence issuer.
Again, above all, the aim of Grace United Church is to help you plan and celebrate a wedding that will be meaningful to you and compatible with our policies as a Christian community. May what you do here be a blessing to you in your future together.

​Download the Marriage Registration Form and submit it to the church office  


Download the Marriage Registration Form and submit it to the church office  

registration-of-marriage (pdf)